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SKU: VT-268

Weight(grams): 1000


Chemical Products - V-Tech PU Foam VT-268

V-Tech PU Foam VT-268 is a one component, moisture cure, Polyurethane Foam for general purpose applications in mounting, filling, sealing insulating and soundproofing in concrete, plaster, brick, floorboard, most plastics, metal, glass or wood. It offers good expansion yield, no sagging, and using Ozone Friendly Propellant (CFC Free). It is mouldproof, water and ageing resistant, and provides good thermal and acoustic insulation.

• Ozone Friendly Propellant (CFC Free)
• Good Expansion Yield & No Sagging
• Good Thermal & Acoustic Insulation
• Mouldproof, Water & Ageing Resistant

Ideal for mounting windows and doorframes, heat insulation of sewerage and central heating, fixing and insulating of wall panels, corrugated plates, roof tiles etc., fills irregular holes or awkward gaps, and other domestic, industrial and automotive applications.

How to use silicone sealant?


Surface preparation
• Make sure that the surface you are going to silicone is clean, dry and well prepared. This is essential to achieving good adhesion and a smooth bead.
• Using a utility knife, remove any remnants of old silicone as new silicone will not adhere to it. After you have removed most of the old silicone with a blade (being careful not to scratch the surface), clean any remaining residue with a fine sandpaper or rub with alcohol.
• If the surface is mildewed, use a concentrated mildew killer after removing the old silicone. Allow to fully dry before applying new silicone.


Step 1
• Make sure that the area you want to silicone is clean and dry. If filling between glass and aluminium, or whenever a smooth straight edge is required, use masking tape and mask off.
• Take the tube of silicone and, using a utility knife (held at a 45 degree angle), cut the end from the tapered nozzle. The further away from the end of the nozzle you cut, the bigger the bead of silicone that will be available.

Step 2
Pull the handle of the caulking gun all the way back and put the tube of silicone in the gun. Turn the handle down and push the handle until it stops against the end of the tube.

Step 3
• The recommended way to silicone is to “push” the bead of silicone ahead of the nozzle. This prevents air bubbles forming under the sealant.
• Use constant pressure on the trigger to ensure an even flow of the silicone.
• Seal the entire length.
• When you are done, make sure that you turn the handle up so that the pressure on the tube is released.

Step 4
• Ensure that the silicone bead is unbroken. If it isn’t, smooth with the filling knife dipped in a water and detergent solution. Remember to remove the masking tape before the silicone starts to cure.


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