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VT-222 All Purpose Gap Sealant

VT-222 All Purpose Gap Sealant


VT-222 All Purpose Gap Sealant


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Chemical Products - V-Tech Gap Sealant VT-222

V-Tech Gap Sealant VT-222 is an economical, environmentally friendly acrylic sealant for general purpose caulking and sealing applications. It is paintable and has good adhesion to most porous surfaces. It is formulated with good body thus able to withstand pressure during the installation. It is suitable for sealing of gaps and joints where slight movement or vibration causes conventional, non-elastic fillers and putties to crack and fall out. It can be applied smoothly and easily and can be cleaned up with water.

• Economical
• Environmental friendly
• Paintable

General glazing of various substrates (wood, concrete, marble, etc.) and DIY applications (gutters, window and door joints, etc.).

How to use silicone sealant?


Surface preparation
• Make sure that the surface you are going to silicone is clean, dry and well prepared. This is essential to achieving good adhesion and a smooth bead.
• Using a utility knife, remove any remnants of old silicone as new silicone will not adhere to it. After you have removed most of the old silicone with a blade (being careful not to scratch the surface), clean any remaining residue with a fine sandpaper or rub with alcohol.
• If the surface is mildewed, use a concentrated mildew killer after removing the old silicone. Allow to fully dry before applying new silicone.

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