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Special Product 2


  • Tiles
  • Floor Slabs
  • Brickworks
  • External Walls
  • Natural Stones
  • New and old concrete structure protective coatings.
  • The surface of waterproofing materials as a finishing.<

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RM26.00 - RM295.00
  • Door Name: 3P Oval. 
  • Standard Size: 857MM (W) x 2108MM (H) x 36MM (T). 
  • Minimum Allowable Size: 777MM (W1) x 2028MM (H1) x 36MM (T). 
  • Maximum Trimming: 40MM (Right, Left, Top & Bottom). 
  • Colour: White Primer (WH1). 
  • Core Structure: Honeycomb core, 2 Stiles.&

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* Suitable hazard markers/blockades and signage, industrial/utility facilities ,entryways and more
* Great choice for use during day, night, in dark or gloomy condition
* Base with Sand: 15” x 15”
* Reflective 4''
* Weight : 2 ~ 2.2kg

One Piece RIMLESS Water Closet

● Rimless Flushing System
● Soft Closing Seat Cover
● Dual Flush Push Button
● Size: 690x360x730mm
● S-trap : 250mm Roughing-in

Rimless, the third generation flushing style is more powerful and it allows the water to reach higher around the bowl during flushing , it has a full coverage of cleaning and it

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