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Our plastic roof skirting, also known as "papan manis plastik," is the perfect solution to give your building a polished and finished look.
This high-quality product is made from durable plastic that ensures longevity and easy maintenance.
Our roof skirting comes in a range of variants, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your building's design.

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RM29.00 - RM33.00

Obaproof Latex 1108 cement modifier is a water-resistant bonding agent & mortar-strengthening additive, ready to use the material.

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RM18.00 - RM50.00


HCA120 speed silicone waterproofing agent (leak and balcony repair) is a highly permeable protective liquid prepared by compounding a highly reactive inorganic solution and silicone component. It is a transparent liquid and is based on cement-based materials.

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  • Delineator Reflective can be used to control crowds & to direct traffic or demarcation dangerous areas.
  • Colour: Orange Red,Lemon Yellow

Pre Mixed With Cement , Sand & Plaster
Just add water and ready to use

Cap Matahari Super Render is a high quality cementitious render specially formulated for brick walls, hollowblock walls and concrete surfaces. It is intended to replace conventional cement-sand render.

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RM2.50 - RM22.00

Boral Mini 8 is a lightweight, economical and dust free 4’ x 6’ plasterboard specifically designed for ceiling application for the residential and retail market. At 8mm thick, Mini 8 plasterboard is up to 50% lighter than alternative ceiling boards, making it easy to carry and install, even by one worker.

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